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Our response to the nation-wide lockdown, and what it means for you.

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During installation: strict hygiene procedures
Taking advice from UK Government, NHS and WHO
Classified as a key and essential business by the Government
In light of the developing situation regarding Coronavirus COVID-19, we recognise now more than ever, how important it is for you and your loved ones to have the independence and confidence to move around your homes freely. It is because of this that thyssenkrupp Home Solutions have been classified as a key and essential business by the Government and will remain open. This enables our people to still send their children to school if required, so that they can keep working for you, our customers.

Technology & Design

thyssenkrupp stairlifts are stylish, of high quality and deliver maximum comfort. We combine our stairlifts with outstanding design features which allow us to provide the best possible solution for you. Our dedicated team work closely with you to make sure everything is taken care of. Production, sale and installation, all from thyssenkrupp Home Solutions.

Production, sale and installation: thyssenkrupp Home Solutions

Advantages of choosing a thyssenkrupp Home Solutions stairlift

Our biggest priority is you; we work closely with Physicians and Occupational
Therapists to guarantee a comfortable ride and easy access.

The ability to move safely around your home...

thyssenkrupp Home Solutions stairlifts are designed for people with reduced mobility. We want you to live an active and independent lifestyle, regardless of if your home is spread across multiple levels.

No expensive modifications needed...

The majority of our installations are completed within ½ day. Our stairlifts require only one power socket, and can be installed onto almost any surface; wood, metal and tiles; including floors with heating.

Surprisingly space saving...

Our dedicated installation team can fit stairlifts to spaces as narrow as 61cm. The single rail system allows other people to use the staircase without any restrictions.

Your safety comes first...

Thanks to the automatic stop system, you are assured that should your stairlift encounter the forgotten about laundry basket, the sleeping dog at the foot of stairs or your grandchild’s toy collection, it will come to an automatic stop.

Our stairlifts keep on going, even during a power cut...

Does your home suffer from regular power cuts? Stairlifts from thyssenkrupp Home Solutions come as standard with a built-in battery. During a power cut we estimate you can use your stairlift up to 10 times.

You are in complete control...

Operated directly from the armrest of the stairlift, you are able to fully control your journey. If you release the control at any time the lift stops.

Enter & exit, without assistance...

Some manufacturers require you to enter and exit your stairlift from the final step. thyssenkrupp Home Solutions acknowledges that sometimes this requires assistance and that it could become dangerous or unsafe. Our dedicated installation team can fit your stairlift so that it finishes how you want at the bottom and top of your staircase.

Lifetime Warranty

The only stairlift manufacturer to offer lifetime warranty.

Excellent design, impeccable performance, thyssenkrupp stairlifts are unlike any other stairlift. Our designers and engineers are on a mission to help you move throughout your home with ease. thyssenkrupp are the first and only stairlift supplier in the world to offer lifetime warranty on all of its new stairlifts.
Andrew Warbrick, Managing Director of thyssenkrupp Home Solutions: “At thyssenkrupp, safety is deeply embedded within our DNA. It’s no coincidence that we have one of the safest stairlifts on the market. Within in all our activities, we put safety first and we expect the same from our employees. Only the best quality is good enough, that’s why we offer lifetime warranty on all new stairlifts bought from October 2018.”

** To find out more about lifetime warranty, ask one of our advisors and check our Terms and Conditions


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More than 40,000 installations Completed

As a leader in the accessibility industry, thyssenkrupp Home Solutions have more than 25 years’ worth of experience working to improve people’s autonomy by making everyday life easier, comfortable and safe.

Our products come as the result of advanced and continuous research in the elimination of architectural barriers preventing people with mobility issues from not being able to move around their home freely. We have carried out more than 40,000 installations internationally, on both public and private buildings. thyssenkrupp Home Solutions is certified and accredited to ISO 9001, ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001.

All stairlifts have a two-year warranty.

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